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Rotary Club of Jacksonville

Founded February 13, 1912
Chartered May 15, 1912 as 41st Rotary Club

  The first and second year George Clark 1912-1914
  The third year    Harry Hoyt 1914-1915
  The fourth year    George E. Leonard 1915-1916  
  The fifth year    John H. Gay 1916-1917
  The sixth year    Giles L. Wilson 1917-1918 
  The seventh year    George W. Hardee 1918-1919 
  The eighth year    Loren H. Green 1919-1920
  The ninth year    Frank C. Groover 1920-1921 
  The tenth lear  Robertson T. Arnold 1921-1922 
  The eleventh year    Walter P. Corbett 1922-1923 
  The twelfth year    Frank O. Miller 1923-1924 
  The thirteenth year.    George B. Hills 1924-1925
  The fourteenth year    George H. Baldwin 1925-1926 
  The fifteenth year    William D. Jones 1926-1927 
Paul Harris visits Club, April 12, 1927    
  The sixteenth year    Henry L. Covington 1927-1928
  The seventeen year  Horace C. Avery 1928-1929
  The eighteenth year    Joseph S. Diver 1929-1930 
  The nineteenth year    Francis S. Mason 1930-1931 
  The twentieth year    Frank D. Fant 1931-1932 
  The twenty-first year  Marcus C. Fagg 1932-1933
  The twenty-second year  C. Finley Knight 1933-1934 
  The twenty-third year  John P. Ingle 1934-1935
  The twenty-fourth year  John S. Arnold 1935-1936
  The twenty-fifth year   Kennth A. Merrill 1936-1937
  Paul Harris' second visit, February 16, 1937   
  The twenty-sixth year  Beryman D. Fincannon 1937-1938
  The twenty-seventh year  J. Chalmers Buchanan 1938-1939
  The twenty-eighth year Thad G. Buckner 1939-1940
  The twenty- ninth year  Horace A. Long 1940-1941
  The thirtieth year    Earl C. Williamson 1941-1942
  The thirty-first year   Clifford A. Payne 1942-1943
  The thirty-second year Fred M. Bultman 1943-1944
  The thirty-third year  Lawrence M. Hirsig 1944-1945
  The thirty-fourth year  William H. Dowling 1945-1946
  The thirty-fifth year   F.W. Brundick, Mr. 1946-1947
  The thirty-sixth year   John L. Moore 1947-1948 
S. Kendrick Guernsey is President of Rotary International June 12, 1947
  The thirty-seventh year  Marcy Mason 1948-1949
  The thirty-eighth year Frank E. Snell, Jr.  1949-1950
  The thirty-ninth year   C. Fetter Puthuff 1950-1951 
  The fortieth year   H. Arthur Irving 1951-1952
  The forty-first year   Spencer Ladd 1952-1953
  The forty-second year  Henry W. Dew 1953-1954
First Charity Ball, April 29, 1953    
  The forty-third year    H. Wayman Parker 1954-1955
  The forty-fourth year  George B. Tobi 1955-1956
  Tlle forty-fifth year    Lorimer H. Blitch 1956-1957
  The forty-sixth year    I.M. Sulzbacher 1957-1958 
  The forty-seventh year   Fred H. Kent, Sr. 1958-1959
  The forty-eighth year Robert R. Feagin 1959-1960
  The forty-ninth year   William J. Hamrick 1960-1961
  The fiftieth year    Prim W. Fisher 1961-1962
  The fifty-first year   H. R. Bingham 1962-1963
  The fifty-second year William B. Mills 1963-1964
  The fifty-third year   Luke F. Sadler 1964-1965
  The fifty-fourth year   Charles C. Smith 1965-1966
  The fifty-fifth year   T. B. Slade, Jr. 1966-1967
  The fifty-sixth year   Leo H. Grimes, Jr. 1967-1968
  The fifty-seventh year James E. Gorman 1968-1969
  The fifty-eighth year   B.W. Hirsig 1969-1970
  The fifty-ninth year   Sanford A. Mullen, MD 1970-1971
  The sixtieth year   John S. Walters 1971-1972
  The sixty-first year   John P. Ingle, Jr.  1972-1973
  The sixty-second year William E. Arnold, Jr. 1973-1974
  The sixty-third year   Delbridge L. Gibbs 1974-1975
  The sixty-fourth year Walter B. Hawkins 1975-1976
  The sixty-fifth year   Quinn R. Barton, Jr. 1976-1977
  The sixty-sixth year   Donald T. Martin 1977-1978
  The sixty-seventh year Henry H. Beckwith  1978-1979
  The sixty-eighth year Bryant B. Skinner 1979-1980
  The sixty-ninth year   James L. Ade 1980-1981
  The seventieth year   Kenneth G. Anderson 1981-1982
  The seventy-first year Prime F. Osborn, III 1982-1983
  The seventy-second year Mark L. Bramlett, Jr., DMD 1983-1984
  The seventy-third year James E. Cousar, III, MD 1984-1985
  The seventy-fourth year L. Earl Crittenden 1985-1986
  The seventy-fifth year David C. Hastings 1986-1987
  The seventy-sixth year George D. Gabel, Jr. 1987-1988
  The seventy-seventh year Judd D. Beckwith  1988-1989
  The seventy-eighth year J. Bryan Cooksey, Jr. 1989-1990
  The seventy-ninth year Louis J. DiGuisto, III 1990-1991
  The eightieth year   Thomas L. Grimes 1991-1992
  The eighty-first year   Henry M. Coxe, III 1992-1993
  The eighty-second year Guy Marvin, III 1993-1994
  The eighty-third year Charles J. Williams, III 1994-1995
  The eighty-fourth year S. Robert Hays 1995-1996
  The eighty-fifth year   Max K. Morris (RADM-Ret.) 1996-1997
  The eighty-six year   James L. Borland, Jr., MD 1997-1998
  the eighty-seventh year Percy Rosenbloom, III 1998-1999
  The eighty-eighth year Kevin F. Delaney (RADM-Ret.) 1999-2000
  The eighty-ninth year Frances Bartlett Kinne, PhD 2000-2001
  The ninetieth year   Charles E. Hughes, Jr. 2001-2002
  The ninety-first year   Richard L. Mueller 2002-2003
  The ninety-second year Willard Payne, Jr. 2003-2004
  The ninety-third year   Jonathan T. Howe (ADM-Ret.) 2004-2005
  The ninety-fourth year Robert F. Colyer, Jr., MD 2005-2006
  The ninety-fifth year   W. Jerome Knauer, III, MD 2006-2007
  The ninety-sixth year   Jack Diamond 2007-2008
  The ninety-seventh year Carl Cannon 2008-2009
  The ninety-eighth year Steve Bacalis 2009-2010
  The ninety-ninth year   Cindy Stover 2010-2011
  The One Hundredth Year Howard Dale 2011-2012
  The one hundredth-first year Steve R. Wallace 2012-2013
  The one hundredth-second year William Mason 2013-2014
  The one hundredth-third year Pierre Allaire 2014-2015
  The one hundredth-fourth year John Fryer (GEN-Ret.) 2015-2016
  The one hundredth-fifth year Bryan S. Cooksey III 2016-2017