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George E. Leonard - 1915-1916

George E. Leonard became the club's third president, having been elected for the 1915-1916 fiscal year, which was the club's fourth year. Mr. Leonard was born on April 30, 1873 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He was graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1894. For a number of years he lived in the City of Chicago and was active in politics there. He was one of the first members of the Municipal Voters League, which very largely cleaned out the grafters from the Chi¬cago City Council. He was a charter member of the anti-Lorimer organiza¬tion, which began the fight that finally ended with Lorimer's expulsion from the United States Senate.
Mr. Leonard was engaged for several years in the work of handling national conventions for the railroads and was prominently identified with the Roads in their national fight to stop the misuse of transportation by ticket scalpers. Mr. Leonard visited Jacksonville in connection with this work and later retired from work and came to live there.
At January 1, 1916, the club had one hundred and six members. The new "Rotary Service" club organ began under the new name in November, 1915 and was published twice each month. The publishing committee con¬sisted of Lucius B. Wootton, Leon T. Cheek and Clifford A. Payne; but the greatest contributor of published articles and notes apparently was club secretary, R. T. Arnold.
Other officers elected for the 1915-1916 year were: Vice-President, John H. Gay; Sergeant-at-Arms, R. L. Boyd; Treasurer, Myron L. Howard; Secretary, R. T. Arnold; Directors for two years: Harry B. Hoyt, George W. Clark and Giles Wilson; for one year: George W. Hardee, Ellis Crenshaw, Leon T. Cheek and Henry L. Covington, Jr.
Senator Duncan U. Fletcher addressed the club on October 26, 1915. John Temple Graves was a guest of the club on November 23, 1915. At the latter meeting there were sixty-three members and thirty-seven guests, a total of one hundred present. William Jennings Bryan, perennial presidential candidate, was a guest at the luncheon meeting on November 7, 1915. One hundred and thirty members and guests were present. John A. Hall, certified public accountant and W. E. Arnold, printer, associate to R. T. Arnold, were approved for membership on February 16, 1916. Fred W. Long was approved for membership with the classification of Highway Construction, by the Board on April 4, 1916.
On May 28, 1916, the Board named delegates to the International Rotary Convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio: Past President Clark and President Leonard; as alternate delegates: Horace Drew, Marcus C. Fagg and George W. Hardee.