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Walter P. Corbett - 1922-1923

Walter P. Corbett, Presi¬dent of the Rotary Club of Jacksonville in the 1922-1923 year, was born in Dublin, Geor¬gia in 1886. He moved to Jackson¬ville in 1903 and served as State Manager of the Prudential Insurance Company until his retirement in 1926. He was a veteran of the Span¬ish-American War and World War I. After retirement he moved to Frostproof, Florida. He also had a home at LaGrange, Georgia where he died on May 29, 1946. Mr. Corbett became a member of the Rotary Club of Jacksonville in June 1912, only four months after the club was organized. He served as a director of the club during the two years 1913-1914 and 1914-1915 and again in the year 1920-1921. He was elected vice-president for 1921-1922 and president for the 1922-1923 year. He was elected to Honorary membership in 1927.
On July 1, 1922, Florida, which had theretofore been a part of the Eighth District of Rotary, became parts of the Twenty-sixth and Thirty-ninth Districts. The Twenty-sixth District took in the State of Alabama, Pensacola, Florida and four towns in Georgia. All of Florida and Georgia, ex¬cept those towns and cities described, became the Thirty-ninth District.
On July 6, about twenty Jacksonville Rotarians motored to St. Augus¬tine where the baseball teams of the two Rotary Clubs engaged in five inn¬ings of baseball. The account of the game, carried in Rotary Bulletin, said that "Unfortunately the game had to be called after the end of the fifth inn¬ing on account of 'Weakness' with the Jacksonville club on the long end—" "The score keeper was unable to keep a correct record of the runs made by each side, but announced at the end that he had marked up Jacksonville 17 runs and St. Augustine 7 runs." A return match of these two teams was played on Thursday, August 10th at the Southside Park. The admission of fifty cents added up to a nice sum, which was contributed to the Boy Scouts. The Jacksonville Rotary teams consisted of the following players:
Earl P. Luce, catcher
Neal F. Tyler, pitcher
Lucius B. Wooten, first base
Eddie Cohen, second base
Walter Edwards, third base
Ted Arnold, short stop
Shorty (H. R.) Worthington, center field
Harry S. Moulton, right field
George B. Hills, left field
The Jacksonville Rotary team won the game with the St. Augustine club but played a Kiwanis Club team a week later and lost the game.
On the agenda of the Directors' meeting of July 25, 1922 was a letter from a prominent business man and member of the club, that he be given credit for a meeting he had missed because of being tied up with an inspector from the Internal Revenue Department. Action on this request was unfavor¬able and the secretary was instructed to advise the member that the Board was without authority to grant the request.
The Board of Directors, on July 25, 1922, approved the placing in the club's budget the sum of $250.00 for a scholarship to the University of Flor¬ida. This action was taken upon a motion by Fons A. Hathaway, Superin¬tendent of Public Instruction in Duval County. A committee was appointed to consider the qualifications of a worthy student and to set up rules for awarding the scholarship.
The meeting for August 15, 1922 was cancelled and the members jour¬neyed to Camp Johnson where they were entertained by General Lovell and the other Rotarian officers in the camp. There they witnessed a parade at 5:00 o'clock, P.M. and "chow" was served at six o'clock.
On August 28 (Monday), the officers and directors of the club jour¬neyed over to St. Augustine and, at the invitation of the St. Augustine Ro¬tary Club, took charge of their meeting. Bert (R. T.) Arnold presided and talks were made by Bill Sharkey and Paul Davis. At the luncheon at Peck's Pavilion, September 26th, questionnaires were furnished the members, to de¬termine their preferences as to the meeting places used by the club. The re¬sult was overwhelmingly for the Mason Hotel. So the September 26 Bulletin carried the headline: "Back to the Mason."
The District Conference of the new Thirty-ninth District was held at Thomasville, Georgia on September 21, 1922. President Corbett and Secre¬tary Lance McCubbin of the Jacksonville club attended the conference.
The Board of Directors met in the lobby of the Mason Hotel, on Sep¬tember 26, 1922 and, as a part of the agenda, appointed a committee of John H. Gay, Harry B. Hoyt and Joseph S. Diver to make a classification survey and to re-classify the existing classifications. Also, a committee was appoint¬ed to be known as the "Good Roads" committee. This committee of three would meet with similar committees of three from each of the other service clubs. Appointments to the Good Roads Committee were: R. V. Covington, chair¬man, John D. Baker and Telfair Stockton.
November 14, 1922, designated as "All-Florida Day," was celebrated at the Tampa Rotary Club. Jacksonville Rotarians were urged to attend. A letter received from the Tampa Club advised that: "Members of the Jack¬sonville Rotary Club will be greeted, upon their arrival in Tampa on Tues¬day, November 14th, with a new version of the old song, 'Mother of Mine' for which rehearsals by a special chorus of the Tampa Club are now in progress." November 20, 1922 was set aside by the State Fair Association as Rotary Day at the fair.
Despite the great desire on the part of the club members to get back to the Mason Hotel for the weekly luncheons, after eight meetings there, be¬ginning on September 26, the meetings, beginning on December 5, 1922 to January 2, 1923, were held at the Seminole Hotel and the meetings on Janu¬ary 9, 16 and 23 were at the Windsor Hotel. On January 30, the club re¬turned to the Mason Hotel where it continued until the end of the fiscal year and thereafter until the end of August 1923.
New member, Victor Covington, was introduced to the club on Decem¬ber 12, 1922. His classification was Hosiery Broker. Our 1961 edition of the club's roster shows that Victor's classification was Mortgage Loans before it was changed to Senior Active and that he re-entered the club in April, 1928. But, please do not be misled by the facts. Victor may have been out of the club prior to April 1928; but he was there in July 1923 when he was right fielder on Ted Arnold's Rotary Club baseball team. Incidentally, Ted had moved up from his previous year's position as shortstop to Manager of the team. We find another new member, Walter Shelly, as the team's new pitcher. We may as well give the names of the whole new team in 1923: Earl Luce, catcher; George Hills, center field; Victor Covington, right field; Walter Shelly, pitcher; Ralph Paris, short stop; George Avent, first base; Harry Moulton, left field; Walter Edwards, second base; Neal Tyler, third base; Lance McCubbin, utility. Neal Tyler wrote to the players urging them to put in their spare time in practice and "limbering up." He stated to them that: "We have finally decided that we will put a baseball team in the field and intend to play games immediately with the St. Augustine Rotarians, Jacksonville Kiwanis and Civitan Clubs."
The December 12, 1922 meeting was devoted to a memorial program in honor of "Those Good Rotarians who have departed this life." The Bulletin announcement said further that: "There will be several beautiful songs by Mrs. Watson and a short talk by Father Maher." The last meeting in De¬cember, 1922 was given over to vocational talks: Bill Dishinger on photog¬raphy; Dave Ramsaur on wholesale drugs; and Claude Roper on clay prod¬ucts. The reason given for moving back to the Mason Hotel on January 30, 1923, was the bad accoustics at the Japanese Room in the Windsor Hotel. That was before the days of electronic aid of microphones and loud speakers.
The ladies night party was held on Tuesday, February 13, 1923. No midday meeting was held on that day. The February 20th meeting was moved ahead to the 22nd and a Washington's Birthday party was held at Finley Knight's country estate "Robin Wood" at Mandarin. The District Conference was held at St. Petersburg on March 23 and 24, 1923. George Hardee was the Conference committee chairman. S. Kendrick Guernsey was elected District Governor at the conference. The Board of Directors, on March 13, 1923, appointed Parson Charles A. Ashby, as Rotary's repre¬sentative on the Better Films Committee, to succeed Marcus Fagg in that capacity.
On March 27, 1923, the Board of Directors resolved to accept an invita¬tion from the Chamber of Commerce, to put a float in the April Follies pa¬rade. Fifty dollars was allowed for his expense and George Phillips, Horace Avery, and Myron Howard were appointed a committee to make the arrange¬ments for the float.
The club was not without its differences of opinion in those good old days for we find, on March 13, 1923, the entire membership committee re¬signed because the Board of Directors had "assumed undue authority in electing a member without the final approval of the committee." The Board appointed a committee of three of its members to meet with the Membership Committee and, on April 3rd, the resignation was withdrawn.
The annual election, held at the meeting of April 10, 1923, chose Frank O. Miller, as president; Waldo E. Cummer, vice-president; and the following directors: W. E. Arnold, Nat Bedford, Marcus Fagg, Dr. Knox Simpson and Neal F. Tyler. Hold-over directors were: Horace C. Avery, George H. Bald¬win, Joshua Chase and George Phillips. Frank O. Miller was not present at the election and was notified by telegram; to which he replied from Talla¬hassee: "Please express my sincere appreciation; my greatest effort in life will be to serve you well." The Board of Directors re-elected Lance McCubbin, secretary; Myron Howard, treasurer; and Paul Davis, sergeant-at-arms. The club voted on May 8, 1923, after due notification, to amend the constitution to abolish the office of vice-president. The secretary reported that there were one hundred and forty members on May 1, 1923.
On June 5th, Rotarian Bill Sharkey appeared before the Board of Directors and presented a letter from Harry S. Baldwin, past president of the National Restaurant Association, asking for support of the club's delegates to the Inter¬national Rotary Convention in the candidacy of Guy Gundaker, Restaurateur of Philadelphia, Pa. for the office of President of Rotary International. At this meeting, the Board elected delegates to the International Convention of Rotary in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 18 to 22, 1923. These delegates were: Secre¬tary Lance McCubbin, Ted Arnold and Joseph F. Marron. On May 22, 1923, John A. Hall was elected a director, to fill a vacancy on the Board.
New members in the 1922-1923 year included the following men:
Charles A. Ashby, Protestant Churches
Harry H. Buckman, Chemical Engineering
Victor M. Covington, Hosiery Broker
Samuel McL. Estes, Soft Drinks Bottling
John P. Ingle, Street Railways
Charles J. Jackson, Y.M.C.A. Secretary
Earl P. Luce, Civil Engineering
French Nestor, Wholesale Talking Machines
Walter D. Shelley, Real Estate Agency
Edwin S. Wadsworth, Advertising Agency, Associate of Jefferson Thomas
Roy A. Ziegler, Artificial Gas

Only one member, Charles D. Mills, was lost by death during the fiscal year.