The Benefits of Joining Rotary
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Rotary is organized at club, district and international levels to carry out its program of service around the globe.  Rotarians are members of their clubs and the clubs are members of the global association known as Rotary International (RI) headquartered in Evanston, Illinois.  Rotary International is the world’s oldest service club organization that was started in 1905 in Chicago by four businessmen and is the oldest service club in the world comprising roughly 33,000 clubs in more than 165 countries, with 1.2 million members.  These members form a global network of business and professional leaders who volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities and the world.

The Rotary Club of Jacksonville is a diverse group of business and professional leaders providing humanitarian service and encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations.  Chartered in 1912 as the 41st Rotary club, the Rotary Club of Jacksonville now has over 240 members who are committed to effecting positive and enduring change in the lives of others.

As a Rotarian, you will enjoy the following rich traditions that are the basis for this group’s formation.


Rotary is a service club that lets you make a difference as part of the world’s largest family of givers.  You will have many opportunities to assist a wide variety of local, national and international humanitarian causes that will touch the lives of people you will never meet.


These are two of the principal reasons why Rotary began.  The ability to network with a cross section of leaders of other businesses and professions who help each other, and collectively help others, while promoting lasting friendships.

Other benefits of Rotary


Rotary members are prominent individuals.  They are leaders of the many businesses and professions that influence policy and help guide our communities.

Continuing Education

Your professional and personal knowledge will be enriched by expert speakers at weekly luncheons.  These speakers address a wide range of issues in our communities, nation, and world.

Development of Ethics

Through the Four‐Way Test, Rotarians promote high ethical standards that produce priceless dividends.

Personal Growth

Your personal development and people skills will grow when you get involved with other community leaders and like ideas.  

Leadership and Public Speaking Skills

Countless opportunities are available for you to lead, speak, motivate and learn from others when you get involved in Club committees, projects, and meetings.

Cultural Awareness

Rotary International comprises more than 1.2 million Rotarians in almost all countries in the world.  

Your membership in the Rotary Club of Jacksonville provides an unique opportunity to expand your global vision, contacts, and enrich lives globally.   Fellow Rotarians are always welcomed visitors at any Rotary Club meeting, anywhere, in any country.