How to Set Up a My Rotary Account
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Signing in to My Rotary gives you a customized expMyRotary headerexperience and easier access to tools and information that are relevant and important to you as a Rotarian.

Any Rotary club member can create an account and sign in. Existing Member Access users can re-register with their current user ID. For tips on registering and using the site, see  .

Creating a My Rotary Account

Using any device browser, go to

MyRotary buttonAt the top right of the Rotary homepage click the menu button labeled MY ROTARY.


Sign in RegisterNow, at top left click the menu link MY ROTARY: Sign-in/Register. This takes you to a pop-up window which you can use to log-in or create an account. Click Create Account.

Sign in

You now can register a new account by inputting your first and last name and your email address and follow the continuing instructions. (Note: The email address is usually the address you have on file with your club secretary, however, it could be a previous email you have used. If at first you don't succeed try, try again.)


Once you are logged in take the time to look at your personal profile. Scanning down the left side of the web page you will general information about you (under My Profile) and our club. These menu items will link you to more information including the opportunity review your participation in The Rotary Foundation. We have special instructions for that. Go HERE -- How to Review Your Rotary Foundation Giving