e-Clubs for Makeups
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Rotary e-clubs are clubs that meet online. For many members, this new way of experiencing Rotary offers the benefits of a Rotary club with an added flexibility such that it permits a Rotary membership that might not be possible otherwise.

Other than meeting online to conduct club business, Rotary e-clubs are essentially the same as any other Rotary club: club members carry out service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and socialize and network with each other. The main difference? E-clubs are accessible 24/7.


Although each e-club is based in a specific Rotary district, its membership can be drawn from anywhere in the world. Other e-clubs may choose to focus their membership on a particular region or community.

web icon The Rotary E-Club serving our District 6970 is the e-Club of Northeast Florida (eclubnefl.clubexpress.com)This club was chartered in 2015 and became the 61st club in the district.  Our club contributed to early funding of this start-up.



Masthead rev2 eclubnefl logo 280x185After becoming familiar with the homepage of this site, select Visiting Rotarian from the menu to join a meeting in progress and to get credit for a makeup. You will need to fill out an identification form and pay a $5.00 fee. Your receipt is your proof of attendance and can be submitted to our club office to gain make up credit.

You are required to first spend online time with the general meeting section and time with the program section (they are separate). To be counted as attending you must spend a total of at least 20-minutes between the two.

Don't be a sideliner and just read what's online....participate by offering your comments and observations.  e-Club meetings are interactive and full of ongoing open discussions.  

E-clubs became official in. Club members range from young professionals to retirees E-clubs attract members who live in different places throughout the year, have family or work commitments, travel frequently, or have limited mobility. Any Rotarian can make up a missed meeting by participating in an e-club online meeting. The addition of Rotary e-clubs reflects the growth of online communities and the sheer number of Rotarians -- and potential new members --who are already meeting and interacting online.