District and Global Grants Awarded to RCJ
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Through the years, the Rotary Club of Jacksonville has sought and received funding for local and international projects from the District and Global Grants programs of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). Listed below are the successful grant applications awarded to the club since 1995.

District Grants

District grants offer clubs and districts flexibility in carrying out activities supporting The Rotary Foundation Mission. Districts are encouraged to distribute these grant funds to clubs such as ours to support relatively short-term activities, either local or international. While not required, clubs are encouraged to support the Six Areas of Focus in their grant project selection.

The District Share Committee reviews the applications as members of the District Grant Committee and makes grant award decisions.

Global Grants

Global grants support large international activities with two important characteristics, i.e., sustainable and measurable outcomes in one or more of the Six Areas of Focus. Global grants are funded with a combination of District Designated Funds or cash contributions and matching funds from The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund.

Program Year Type Location Project Description World Fund Total Funding
1995 Humanitarian Dominican Republic Mercy Ships: Caribbean
assistance in providing three containers of dental, surgical and medical supplies
$14,900 $29,800
1998 Academic Year Scholars Somerset West, South Africa Scholar assistance 15,000 22,000
1999 Academic Year Scholars Montserrat, Argentina Scholar assistance 18,484 22,000
2001 Academic Year Scholars Hexham, England Scholar assistance 191 25,000
2002 Cultural Scholars Quito, Ecuador Scholar assistance   12,000
2003 Academic Year Scholars Praha, Czech Republic Scholar assistance   25,000
2004 Cultural Scholars Quito, Ecuador Scholar assistance   19,000
2005 Academic Year Scholars Heidelberg, Germany Scholar assistance   25,000
2005 Cultural Scholars Quito, Ecuador Scholar assistance   12,000
2006 Humanitarian Tema, Ghana Mercy Ships: African Mercy
computer equipment; community healthcare
25,000 64,243
2007 Academic Year Scholars Newcastle, Australia Scholar assistance   26,000
2007 Humanitarian Tema, Ghana Mercy Ships: African Mercy
medical equipment; medical aid projects
150,000 415,937
2008 Humanitarian Monrovia, Liberia Medical equipment; eye and facial surgeries 109,025 304,075
2010 Academic Year Scholars San Jose, Costa Rica Scholar assistance   24,000
2010 Cultural Scholars Egypt Scholar assistance   16,000
2010 Humanitarian Benin Assistance to provide cataract surgeries 25,000 64,890
      Total $357,600 $1,106,945