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Program Chairs
c/o Rotary Club of Jacksonville, Inc. | P.O. Box 37028 | Jacksonville, FL 32236
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Miscellaneous Information:

One of the most valuable assets of our Rotary club is its podium. Program speakers have an opportunity to bring their messages and points of view before some of the most involved and influential leaders in our community when they come before our club.

In addition, timely and relevant programs and presentations have great influence in attracting and retaining our members.

Recommending speakers or subjects for meeting programs is an opportunity available to all of our members.

Is there a subject you believe should be brought before members and do you know someone qualified to present that subject in an interesting, provocative or compelling way?

Is there someone you believe would make an excellent presentation on a subject that would be of widespread interest to our membership?

The answer to those two questions is simple. Contact the program chair and offer your recommendation.  If you believe you can assist in securing that speaker, let the program chair know that too.