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Next Meeting: June 1
Lunch Noon | Meeting 12:30 pm
OMNI Jacksonville Hotel


USO Day June 1

Salute to Admiral Kevin Delaney

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Sponsor a military guest and join us for USO Day on Monday, June 1st.  It's an opportunity to celebrate and honor our military.  At this meeting we will have guests from all branches of military service.  The cost to sponsor a guest is $25 per person.  As a convenience, your contribution will be charged to your club account.

Admiral Kevin DelaneyThis year's salute to the USO will also include a special recognition of our late member and past president Rear Admiral Kevin Delaney, one of the Navy's most highly decorated members. 


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Our Last Meeting

Dr. Steven Stack
American Medical Association

Dr. Steve Stack, president-elect AMAIn keeping with our club’s long standing tradition, today’s speaker was the President Elect of the American Medical Association (AMA). Steven J. Stack, MD is the second youngest physician to take the reins of the AMA since 1854. Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stack currently practices in Lexington, Kentucky.

Dr. Stack shared the AMA’s strategic focus to improve the health of our nation by working to provide access to higher quality healthcare at affordable prices for all patients. Politics aside, the AMA remains a bold champion of coverage and believes that the Affordable Care Act has been the most profound step taken to change our health care delivery system. However, the current legislation poses challenges both politically and professionally and is not the final solution.

As the new health care delivery system continues to evolve, the AMA is dedicated to helping physicians navigate the environment successfully, by promoting sustainable practices that can result in improved outcomes for patients and greater professional satisfaction. It is a tragic loss for doctors nation-wide to not want to promote their profession and passion to the next generation.

The AMA is committed to accelerating change in medical education content and curriculum to keep pace with our rapidly changing society. Over eleven million dollars in resources have been committed to assist eleven medical schools over five years. Locally, The Mayo Clinic is one of the recipients of this financial contribution.

The AMA is also striving to improve outcomes in the diagnosis of Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes. By 2050, one in three Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes, adding over one trillion in health care costs annually. The AMA has partnered with the Center for Disease Control and the YMCA to establish a diabetes prevention program. Proper intervention can dramatically reduce the effects of these conditions and reduce health care spending.

Reporter: Karen Phillips

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May 25
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Memorial Day

June 1
Lt. Gen. Buster Hagenbeck (ret)

June 8

Welcome New Members

Catherine Kelly

Florida Blue Retail Center - Town Center
Class: HEALTH CARE: Retail
Sponsor: Pierre Allaire

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Sao Paulo RI Convention 2015

District 6970 Events

June 7-10
Rotary International Convention
São Paulo, Brazil

June 18-21
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Univ. North Florida

June 26-28
Zone 34 Regional Seminar
Hyatt Hotel Jacksonville

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World-wide clubs 34,000
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Source: Rotary International, January 1, 2015

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