District Conference

Embry Riddle campus

The 2014 District 6970 Conference will be held in Daytona Beach on Friday, May 16.  The venue is the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

The conference this year will be a one-day event although some attendees will come early or stay late (or both). While hotel accommodations are plentiful event and meal seating will have limitations, so it is extremely important pre-register early.

It is important to pre-register!

downloadDownload registration forms in either PDF or Doc formats.The forms also contain other information about the conference and accommodations.

New Rotary Logo is Brand Visual ID

This is the new Rotary logo. It is Rotary's new visual identity of its brand image. It can be displayed in three colors of blue (royal, azure and sky) and always with a gold master mark which is called  the Mark of Excellence. There are black and white versions of the logo as well.

You will notice the new logo is now being used above in our website masthead. You will begin seeing it replace logos in stationary, flyers, posters and almost all printed or displayed materials.

This is not the Rotary logo any longer. It is the one we are so familiar with. It is, however, still with us. It is called the Rotary badge which serves as the basis of our lapel pins.

In its effort to create and express a more contemporary look, Rotary's visual identification has undergone a top-to-bottom reformatting, recoloring, and visual restatment of our brand image. 

The whole story with examples and downloadable graphics can be found at the Rotary Brand Center.

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